Zoe Oliver

New York - Boston - Providence



Amidst a budding academic career, I have devoted a portion of my free time to explore professional companionship. Primarily, I am a university student, and I love my intellectual pursuits fiercely. I am thoughtful and introspective yet playful; as such, I have honed a delicate balance of eloquence and humor within myself. I am so much more than your arm's faithful adornment; like you, I need a bit of cognitive rigor to keep myself entertained. Exercise my psyche and body and you will endear yourself to me endlessly.



My maturity in discourse betrays my youthful appearance. I am a petite, young woman with gentle curves reminiscent of the ideal of decades passed. My long, dark hair is usually left down, complimenting my piercing blue eyes wonderfully. My near-translucent white skin is a product of my Scandinavian/Western European ancestry.



Barely into my twenties, I still harbor a sense of youthful spontaneity that carries over into everything I do. Upon greeting me, my love of humor and wicked intellect become immediately apparent. Along with this, I am incredibly open, honest, and empathetic; I cherish moments wherein I can truly, openly feel connected to others.

Screening and etiquette

In our first correspondence, please introduce yourself as you would to any new acquaintance! Include contact information for two other companions you've seen recently and employment/identity verification. Providing me with a myriad of information can only serve to expedite the screening process. I may be reached at misszoeoliver@gmail.com New friends will need to provide a small deposit to book our first date together. Thanks for understanding!

My other endeavors in life are such that I only keep an incall in Worcester for the moment. For other dates and locations when and where I am hosting, please see the section below. These are the best opportunities to get together, as I am a busy bee otherwise! Check back periodically for updates. I'm not one to cancel last-minute, and I hope you aren't either! My time is so very limited, and I hate to waste any of it. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur a 50% fee; anything within 24 hours will incur the full rate.

I love receiving feedback about our time together! Feel free to drop me a note after your appointment. Of course, review sites have their place, but I find that their current implementation sometimes breeds negativity within this industry. I permit reviews, but reviewing our time together without prior permission from me will result in your addition to the Blacklist. Just let me know! It helps me make sure I don't wind up with fake reviews and keeps us all accountable. Thanks for understanding and respecting my privacy.

The Erotic Review Preferred411.com
Here you can find my general availability for the next month or two. On the dates listed, I am available for both incall and outcall at the indicated location. Else, I am available for outcall in the greater Boston area, including Worcester, Providence, and Hartford.
San Francisco (w/ Penelope Archer!) - 10/14 - 10/18
Boston - 10/19 - 10/21
Houston - 10/27 - 10/29
Boston (w/ Charlotte Fitgerald!) - 11/3 - 11/6
Washington, DC and NYC in December
Seattle and Los Angeles in January

Local Rates

Boston, Providence, Hartford

One Hour - $600

Ninety Minutes - $750

Two Hours - $1,000

Please add $250 per hour for each additional hour locally. Dates three hours or longer must include time for drinks or a meal.

Touring Rates

Outside of New England

One Hour - $750

Ninety Minutes - $900

Two Hours - $1,200

Please add $300 per hour for each additional hour on tour. Dates three hours or longer must include time for drinks or a meal.


For those wanting a bit more

Open to clients I have previously met at least once, arrangements are a fantastic way to ensure I prioritize you in my hectic schedule. Arrangements require a three month commitment and can be tailored to suit your wants and needs. I'm available for (and enthusiastic about) travel, and I love keeping in touch virtually as well!

Fly Me to You

Here, there, wherever you are

My schedule does permit me to travel frequently and I would love to join you on an adventure! Send me an email outlining your date request, including date(s), destination(s), and length of appointment desired and I will be happy to give you a quote for my time. Upon confirmation, a 30% deposit is required to book. If such an excursion may not be in your budget, I'm happy to work with you to plan a tour around our date if you're able to book four to six hours, depending on how far it will require me to travel. If you would like to keep up with my travels, in hopes I'll find myself in your city anyway, scroll to the very bottom of my page to subscribe to my mailing list. I send out a letter monthly with updates about my travel plans and with extra photos!

Duets and Accompaniments

I have a smattering of girlfriends across the country that I would be happy to add to our rendezvous. Duos are my favorite! Most frequently, I find myself with Charlotte Fitzgerald of NYC and Penelope Archer of San Francisco, who each find themselves in Boston every month or so. I'm also happy to meet with someone of your choosing! Furthermore, I am quite enthusiastic about visits with couples- no extra fee, just a two hour minimum.

Indulge me

So kind of you to inquire after a little something extra to make me smile! If you wish to buy me something pretty to wear for you, here's the place to do so! If you'd like to purchase something of your own choosing, my size information is listed on Delivery Code as well, and the selection there should give you somewhat of an idea of what I enjoy. I also keep an Amazon Wishlist for other trinkets, like books, music, and art. If you'd like to bring libations to the date, I adore cava, prosecco, and dry hard cider.